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Janet Richmond grew up in a small town in Connecticut and moved California in 1977. With a Masters in Business Administration from UCLA, she started her own business management company and supported her family for 20 years, raising two children as a single parent. Janet currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

Janet "discovered" Joan Culpepper and The Higher Selves in 1983. The Higher Self information had such a powerful impact that Janet dove into learning all the Joan offered and committed herself to working with the life-changing material.

When Joan died in 2006, Janet received the copyright for Joan’s material and wrote her first book, CHOICES: Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints, to share Joan's legacy with the world. From 2009 on (with the sale of her business practice), Janet offers workshops, hosts a web-radio show, and conducts private sessions utilizing a Higher Self 'Soul Scan' technique. She also produces her Catalytic Art, a healing art form that uses Higher Self techniques. The book cover of the current book, Soul Psychology: Our Journey Through the Human Kingdom Universe, features one of her pieces.

Janet's passion is to pass this information on to others, so she regularly holds groups and seminars in the Los Angeles area. Come Join the community!

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What options do you have when desperately unhappy and only drastic measures loom in front of you?  Many would look outside themselves for answers.  SOUL PSYCHOLOGY explores the inward dimension— your soul— and opens a powerful realm of help.

The soul is a power player and partner to the mind of this life, a partner that seems unreachable since we cannot phone it to ask questions. It does communicate but because we are unaware, we unwittingly ignore what it is telling us. Manifesting problems in life is how our soul “talks.”

In between lives, it decides what areas of dysfunction is wants to heal and balance.  Because we don’t remember the plan once born, when problems occur, we feel helpless and afraid. Instead, we can view our problems as windows to awareness indicating our soul’s purpose and direction. This process is how the humanities evolve, one step, one experience, one life at a time.

SOUL PSYCHOLOGY unfolds the concepts of the soul and the mind, in body and out, during your journey through the Human Kingdom. Together the soul and the mind can accomplish much.  Alone, each operates with one hand tied behind the back. The key is to work as a team—the soul leading us to what we need to heal and the mind then using the techniques to accomplish all that our soul desires. Together, they are the powerhouse that enables us to accomplish more in a year than we have accomplished in many previous lifetimes put together.

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